The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on THURSDAY 17th APRIL 2014 at 7.30pm in the Main Hall of Plantation Hall, Colchester Road, Heybridge.

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on THURSDAY 17th APRIL 2014 following the Annual Parish Meeting in the Main Hall of Plantation Hall, Colchester Road, Heybridge.

The next meeting of the Planning Committee will be held on THURSDAY 5th JUNE 2014 at 7.30pm in the Claydon Room of Plantation Hall, Colchester Road, Heybridge. 

The next meeting of the Events Committee will be held on THURSDAY 8th MAY 2014 at 7.30pm in the Claydon Room of Plantation Hall, Colchester Road, Heybridge.


All meetings of the Parish Council are open to the public. Agendas appear on the news page of this Website. All other supporting reports can be made available on request from the Clerk.

The Parish Council currently has two vacant seats. Anyone interested in becoming a Parish Councillor should contact the Clerk, Laurie Wiebe (see Contact Us page) for more information.

Heybridge Parish Council is a statutory local authority.

It resulted from the creation of the civil parish of Heybridge by order of the Secretary of State for the Environment in 1986.

The Parish Council is a local authority under the terms of the Local Government Act 1972 and came into operation on 1 April 1987 following thecreation of the civil parish of Heybridge in 1986.  It consists of twelve members (Parish Councillors) who are elected every four years.  The Chairman is elected by the Parish Council at its statutory annual meeting in May.  It may also appoint a Vice-Chairman.

There is also a legal requirement for an Annual Parish Meeting to be held sometime between 1 April and 1 June.  This is an open public meeting chaired by the Chairman of the Parish Council. The District and County Councillors for Heybridge are invited and asked to make reports.  So too is the local Police Inspector or his representative.  Other speakers may be invited from time to time.  Only current registered local government electors for Heybridge can vote on any issue raised at this meeting. 

The Parish Council has the following employees – full-time Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer, Caretaker-daytime and Caretaker-evenings. Weekend caretaking duties are shared within the team.  Financial administration is contracted out. The Internal Auditor is a Chartered Accountant. 

The Parish Council delegates certain of its functions to the Planning Committee, Personnel Committee and Budget Committee, appointed each year at the statutory annual meeting.


The Parish Council is directly responsible for the following land and property:

-        Plantation Hall, Colchester Road

-        King George V Playing Field, Colchester Road

-        Play area at Elizabeth Way

-        Daisy Meadow car park, Heybridge Basin

-        Amenity areas at Larch Walk, Rowan Drive, and The Roothings

-        Horse Trough in The Street

-        War memorial at Heybridge Cemetery (the cemetery is under control of Maldon District Council)

-        Notice boards at the Bentalls, Holloway Road, Ten Acre Approach, Temple Way, Plantation Hall, Heybridge Basin Bus Shelter and by seawall.

-        Various amenity and off-street lighting – Stock Chase, The Roothings, Woodfield Cottages, Wharf Road, Green Lane, and at Chapel Lane, Harfred Avenue and The Basin, Heybridge Basin

-        Bus shelters at Bentalls Centre, Goldhanger Road, and Basin Road, Heybridge Basin

-        Seats adjacent to bus shelters at Holloway Road and Basin Road, adjacent to the Waring Room Car Park, and also adjacent to St. Andrew’s Church, outside King George V Playing Field and adjacent to the junction of Lawling Avenue with Goldhanger Road

-        Various litter and dog waste bins


The Parish Council is also responsible for the maintenance of the closed churchyard at St. Andrew’s Church and the surrounds of St. George’s Church at Heybridge Basin. It has assumed responsibility for maintaining the landmark tree planted area adjacent to The Colliers, Heybridge Basin, at Green Lane off Crescent Road, the centre hedgerow along Colchester Road, the verge adjacent to the Waring Room car park, The Street, and the Elms Farm roundabout, Langford Road.


The Parish Council has engaged a contractor on a rolling contract to maintain its grassed areas and open spaces.  The body is commissioned to carry out other individual items of maintenance work from time to time e.g. fencing repairs, play equipment maintenance and repair, putting up signs, clearance of litter.  The street cleansing contactors regularly clean the Daisy Meadow Car Park and Plantation Hall Car Park for a nominal charge.  The services of a gardener/handyman, are also engaged.

The Parish Council has a number of other functions, which are mainly of a consultative nature.  Perhaps the most important role is that of giving views on planning applications.  By law, the District Council is required to notify the Parish Council of all applications affecting Heybridge, and comments should be returned within 21 days.  A copy of the weekly list produced by District Council is sent to all Parish Councils, and it is open to the Parish Council to comment on any application in a neighbouring Parish which it is felt might affect Heybridge.  Notices of current applications are displayed on official notice boards, and copies of applications due to be considered are available for inspection 30 minutes prior to the start of Parish Council meetings.  The Parish Council is also given the opportunity to comment in the event of appeals against planning decisions of the District Council. 


The Parish Council can play an important role in highways monitoring and liaison with direct reporting links to the Mid Essex Area Office at Springfield, and Highways and Transportation Services at County Hall.  The Parish Council can seek to influence the Highways Maintenance and the Locally Determined Budgets and, where necessary, enlist the support of the County Councillor.  Consultations are received on proposals affecting public rights of way, the removal of highway rights and the naming of streets on new development. 

The Parish Council is responsible and has to be accountable for its financial administration, which is subject to annual public audit.  An annual precept (currently £95,000) is levied on the District Council for a sum of money to meet the budget requirement.  This is then collected as a proportion of the Council Tax on householders in Heybridge.  The Local Government Act 1972 authorises Parish Councils to spend up to a certain amount of money (calculated by formula) for the benefit of all or some of its inhabitants.  This is known as ‘section137 expenditure’ and normally applies to certain ‘one-off’ projects the expenditure on which is not otherwise authorised, and the giving of donations. 

Laurie Wiebe


February 2012


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